The Artists' Salaries - Spring Campaign 2020

Target group

Independent designers, painters, writers, stage artists (such as actors), musicians, and composers.

According to a decision by the board of the artists' salary fund, artists who have received 12 months or more in 2020 cannot apply.

Artists can apply for 1-6 months for restricted projects.

For questions and answers see Q and A - Spring Campaign 2020.


To enhance art and the making of art in Iceland. Funding is decided by the yearly budget of the parliament. Law: [ 57/2009.]

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Midnight 25. May 2020. Note that Rannis' office closes at 4 pm.

All proposals should be submitted electronically; all annexes must accompany the application.

The aim is to announce beneficiaries in early July.

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Annual Deadline

To midnight 1. October 2020. Note that Rannis' office closes at 4 pm.

The annual call for proposals is published in August each year.


How to apply?

All proposals must be submitted through Rannís  electronic submission system .

The fund can also apply travel grants.

Artists' Salary Board

The board of the Artists' Salaries is appointed by the Minister of Education and Culture for three year terms.

Board members (until 2021):

  • Bryndís Loftsdóttir, chairman, appointed without nomination
  • Hlynur Helgason, vice-chairman, nominated by the Federation of Icelandic Artists
  • Markús Þór Andrésson, nominated by the Iceland Academy of Arts

The role of Rannís

Rannís is responsible for managing the fund on behalf of The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

Further information in Icelandic - Starfslaun listamanna

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