Preparatory Grants

  • 20.10.2018 - 16:00, Application Deadline
  • 20.10.2020 - 16:00, Application Deadline
  • 20.10.2021 - 15:00, Application Deadline

What is funded?

  • Travel grant (200.000 ISK). Eligible cost: travel cost incurred in relation to preparation of a proposal to international research/innovation fund.
  • Advisory grant (250.000 ISK). Eligible cost:  cost of buying advisory service or an employee has spent a considerable amount of time on preparing a proposal to international research/innovation fund.
  • Proposal grant (500.000 ISK). Eligible cost: cost incurred due to preparation of international cooperation projects with an Icelandic coordination. Note that an Icelandic member must lead the entire project not only to the Icelandic part.


Preparatory grants are awarded after a proposal has been submitted to an international research/innovation fund.

Applicants have to submit the following documents: 

  • Confirmation of receipt of application from the relevant research fund
  • Documents confirming travel cost

Please note:

No individual institution may receive more than 20% of the total amount available for funding (4 million ISK). The size of University of Iceland is taken into account and divided into 5 organizations/areas according to the UI departmental division, however each of the UI's areas cannot receive more than 20% of the total amount available.

If applications for preparatory grants exceed 20 million, despite cuts based on the 20% rule, there will be an overall cut of all applications until 20 million is reached.

In the case of a two-stage proposal for an international grant only grant a preparatory grant is awarded.

In the case of more than one Icelandic applicant for a project, the party with the largest part in the European project shall apply for the preparatory grant.

It is possible to apply for all three types of preparatory grants at one time, subject to conditions.


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