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September 2020

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Support for the publication of books in Icelandic

  • 31.12.2020 - 23:59, Application deadline - open all year round

What is funded?

The 25% reimbursement only pertains to costs related to the publication of a book, costs without VAT.

The following costs incurred by a book publisher are considered eligible expenses, provided that they qualify as deductible operational expenses pursuant to the Income Tax Act, No 90/2003.

  1. Direct labour costs incurred in the publication of a book.
  2. Direct contractor payments incurred in the publication of a book.
  3. Fees and royalties paid to the author or right holder.
  4. Printing costs and other similar costs related to publication in a form other than print.
  5. Translation and proofreading costs.
  6. Advertising and promotional costs incurred for a book in the four months immediately following its publication.
  7. Own labour. In cases where the publisher and the author are the same person, the salary received personally by that author-publisher may be used as the basis of the calculation of eligible expenses, see Article 6, in place of the costs referred to in Article 6, item c. The amount of any such personal salary must be decided with reference to the amount of the monthly artists' salary as fixed in Article 4, first paragraph, of the Artists' Salaries Act, No 57/2009.

How to apply?

Applications must be submitted electronically, together with all supporting documents.

To enter the system (green ribbon above) requires electronic identification, i.e. a digital certificate or Ice Key.

Applications can be submitted whenever within nine months after the publication of the book concerned.

All amounts entered into the system must be without VAT.

Applicants can work on their application, saved it and returned to it, until the application is ready to be submitted.

Applications are sent to the Committee for Support for the Publication of Books in Icelandic, which is appointed by the Minister of Education, Science and Culture. One member is to be appointed each by the minister responsible for government finances and the minister responsible for industry and innovation, and one member, who shall serve as Chair, is to be appointed by the Minister of Education, Science and Culture without nomination. Alternate members are to be appointed in the same manner.

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