Library fund


Target group

Libraries defined by the Library law. They can apply alone or with other stakeholders, their goal being to empower their work.


The fund's purpose is to empower the activities of the libraries. The fund supports defined research and development projects in the field of libraries and information subjects. The fund can also support projects that empower co-operation among libraries in the country and abroad. 


Deadline was 15 March 2023 at 15:00.

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What is funded?

The Fund supports defined projects for a period of one year as a rule. Projects do not include funding of the management of the institutions nor to projects already accomplished. The Library-committy evaluates applications and applies special scale for the fund. The number of projects funded is defined by the quality of the projects and funding available each year.


Applications are sent through the Rannis online application-system.

If the institution has already received a grant from the fund a report from the former project has to be sent in with the new application. 

The role of Rannís

Rannis manages the Library fund on behalf of the Library-committee and the ministry of Education, Culture and science.

Further inquiries

  • Ragnhildur Zoëga, s. 515 5838
  • Óskar Eggert Óskarsson, s. 515 5839
  • bokasafnasjodur(at)

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