Rannís Strategy

The Rannís strategy is valid until the year 2025

In the strategy efforts have been made to gather views that are likely to make Rannís relevant for the future so it can serve Icelandic society. A rapidly changing society demands a targeted strategic approach to the issues being addressed. The strategy is expected to contribute to a stronger and more effective work of Rannís.


  • Rannís strengthens research, innovation, education and culture.


  • Rannís strengthens the foundations of Icelandic society by supporting and promoting research, innovation, education and culture.
  • Rannís supports the knowledge community through administration of competitive funds and by promoting opportunities and providing support for international cooperation.
  • Rannís analyses and promotes the economic and social impact of research, education and culture and provides professional assistance in the preparation and implementation of the public science and technology policy.


  • IMPACT: We have a positive impact on society by supporting research, innovation, education and culture.
  • PROFESSIONALISM: We build our work on knowledge and professional administration.
  • COOPERATION: We all work together to ensure the best possible service to our clients. In our daily cooperation, we are positive and solution oriented, and show each other respect.

Rannís strategy until 2025


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