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I cannot submit the application, what should I do?

  • If you see text in red under 5.1. (the submit page), it means you still have not finished the application. Do not click on the red text; read it and then go to the pertinent section in the application, finish and save it (e.g. if it says “1.2. Stutt ferilskrá” (Short CV) then you still have to finish that).
  • Many stumble on 3.2. Note that even though you have not received salaries before, you still have to finish this stage. Go there and select “Hef ekki hlotið starfslaun áður” (Have not received salaries before) in the drop-down list and save (for more on reporting see a separate question in the list below).

Who can apply?

  • Independent designers, painters, writers, stage artists (such as actors), musicians, and composers.
  • Only individuals can apply for artist salary. If two or more artist are cooperating on a project, they make that clear in their application and list their co-operators.
  • Those who received artist salaries for more than 12 months in 2020 cannot apply in this round.

Can I apply in English?

  • While the application form is in Icelandic, applicants are free to apply in English.

When is the deadline? Should I avoid applying on the last day?

  • Application deadline is midnight 1. October 2020 - note that Rannis' offices close at 4 pm.
  • We strongly recommend that applicants apply well in advance to avoid lack of time on the final day.
  • On the final day, the system can be slow due to increased pressure and traffic.

Attachments - how do I submit them?

  • All attachments must accompany the application.

When can I expect a response?

  • The aim is to announce beneficiaries in mid January. All applicants will receive a response.

Do I submit one application or more?

  • Each applicant only sends one application pr. fund. If you intend to work on different projects in the same field, you outline each one in the application (say, a writer who intends to write two or more works of fiction, only sends one application).
  • An artist who seeks support for projects in different fields (such as visual arts and composition), can send separate applications to each fund for the respective projects (the visual arts project in to the visual arts fund, the music project into the fund for composers, and so on).
  • If an applicant sends more than one application to different funds, he/she should mention that in each application.

Prof. Theatre Groups and the Artists' Salary Fund - is it connected?

  • Is there a connection between the spring campaign of Professional Theatre groups (PTGs) and this spring edition of the Artists' Salary Fund? No. The campaign of PTGs is independent.
  • Who decides on applications in PTGs and the Artists' Salary Fund? The Theatre Art Board (Leiklistarráð) decides on both.
  • Should we apply for Artists' Salaries for the same theatre project? If you sent in an application to PTGs, nothing prevents the groups participants from applying for artist salaries for the same project. However, whether the Theatre Art Board will grant both support from PTGs and Artists' Salaries is impossible to say.
  • Does the group submit a application to the Artists' Salary Fund? No. Each individual submits his/her own application (all applications to Artists' Salaries are individual applications).

How is the application system?

  • To enter the application system, you have to have an electronic identification on your smart phone, or an íslykill.
  • An initiated application is only valid if you send it in (by pressing Senda inn) at the end of the form. There, you can also read over your application in PDF format.
  • Please remember to save your information after each step (by pressing Vista).
  • One can leave the application and come back later again to My pages (Mínar síður). Applications in process appear on the front page when you enter My pages.
  • The application form leads you on and many of its fields are mandatory – if you have received artists' salaries previously, they appear automatically in the form.
  • To enter the application system, go either to the fund's English or Icelandic front page.

Which browser is recommended and which should be avoided?

  • We recommend Chrome.
  • Note that you cannot use Explorer, Edge or Safari.
  • Never open two applications simultaneously in the same browser – then you cannot save your information.

How do I know my application has been received?

  • When the applicant has submitted her/his application, s/he receives an email from the system with a PDF of the application attached.
  • Sometimes it happens that the email goes to spam.
  • If you do not receive an email, you can see on My pages (Mínar síður) if your application has gone through. Go to My pages and here to Umsóknir > Innsendar. If your application is there, you have successfully delivered in your application. There you can also view and download the applications' PDF.

Reporting - what should I select in the application form? (under 3.2.)

  • Those who have received salaries in 2020 or earlier should send in a report. Otherwise, their application will not be processed.
  • If you have not received salaries before, select "Hef ekki hlotið starfslaun áður" (Have not received salaries before) in the application form.
  • An electronic report form is available here.

How are the evaluating committees appointed?

  • The Ministry of Education and Culture appoints evaluation committees of three for each category.

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