The Icelandic Innovation Award

The  Icelandic Innovation Award is organised and presented by the Icelandic Centre of ResearchPromote IcelandThe Innovation Centre Iceland  and the New Venture Business Fund.

The award was first granted in 1994 at the annual Innovation Congress. The objective of the award is to emphasise the important connection between research, innovation and knowledge on the one hand and increased value creation in the economy on the other.

Information about the Innovation Congress (in Icelandic)

The first Innovation Award was granted in 1994 by the Icelandic Research Council and the Trade Council of Iceland (Now Promote Iceland). The aim of the award is to highlight the important connection between research and innovation and higher levels of wealth generation in the business sector.

The Icelandic Innovation Award has been granted to the following companies:

2018    Kerecis
2017    Skaginn (now Skaginn 3X)
2016    Dohop
2015    Zymetech
2014    Meniga
2013    Valka
2012    Primex
2011    Mentor
2010    Nox Medical
2009    Mentis Cura
2008    ORF Genetics
2007    Hafmynd
2006    Star-Oddi
2005    CCP
2004    Lyfjathroun
2003    Altech JHM
2002    Stofnfiskur
2001    Fiskey
2000    Blue Lagoon
1999    Medcare
1998    DeCode Genetics
1997    Hugvit GoPro
1994    Vaki

Freyr höggmynd eftir Hallstein SigurðssonThe Award

The award is a statue of Freyr, the Nordic god of fertility and vegetation, by the sculptor Hallsteinn Sigurðsson. He is very interested in Nordic mythology and uses motifs from it in is art.

Writing in the 13th century, Snorri Sturluson includes this description of Freyr in his Edda: "Freyr is the finest of the Æsir. He controls the rain and the light of the sun and consequently the fruits of the earth and can be invoked to secure good harvest and peace."

Freyr was the god of agriculture and fertility, both of men and animals. His cult seems to have been surpassed only by that of Thor.

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