Innovation Congress

The Icelandic Innovation Award is organised and presented by the Icelandic Centre of Research, Promote Iceland, The Innovation Centre Iceland and the New Venture Business Fund

The Icelandic Innovation Award is presented at the annual Innovation Congress. The objective of the awards is to emphasises the important connection between increased value creation in the economy, research and knowledge acquirement.

The Innovation Congress

The Innovation Congress is organised annually by the Icelandic Centre for Research, Promote Iceland, Innovation Centre Iceland and the New Business Venture Fund and the topic at any given time is related to research, development and marketing issues. The topic of the innovation congress is selected each year in order to increase people's understanding of the interplay between science, technology and knowledge on the one hand, and product production and marketing, on the other.

Innovation Congress 2019 was held October 21st 2019.

Theme of the Congress was: International collaboration, focus and opportunities in research.

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