What is NordForsk?

NordForsk is an organisation under the Nordic Council of Ministers that provides funding for and facilitates Nordic cooperation on research and research infrastructure. The NordForsk board is fully responsible for the operations of the organisation.

Role of Rannis

Rannis provides information and facilitate participation of the Icelandic research and innovation community in Nordic cooperation under NordForsk's initiatives.


NordForsk announces deadlines for each initiative and programme specifically.

Logo NordForskThrough the financing and administration of research programmes, NordForsk brings together national research groups and promotes research activities of the highest scientific quality. 

Read more about how NordForsk provides research funding via various research programmes.

NordForsk seeks to enhance the quality, impact and efficiency of Nordic research cooperation, thereby helping the Nordic region to become a world leader in research and innovation.

Read more about NordForsk's focus areas and priorities in our strategy for 2015–2018.

NordForsk has its headquarters in Oslo, where it is co-located with its sister organisations, Nordic Innovation and  Nordic Energy Research.

Rannis provides information about the following NordForsk programmes and initiatives:

NOS-HS promotes Nordic cooperation in the fields of social sciences and humanities, funded by the Nordic national research funds.

NOS-M promotes Nordic cooperation in the field of health research, funded by the Nordic national research funds. The aim is to coordinate and enhance Nordic health research. In addition to all the Nordic countries, observers from NordForsk and the Nordic Council of Ministers, from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, are invited to participate in the NOS-M cooperation.

NOS-N promotes natural science research and research based on the natural sciences in the Nordic countries by cooperation and coordination on the basis of continuous and mutual exchange of information.

The Nordic Programme on Health and Welfare is a five years programme in the field of health and welfare, managed by NordForsk. The aim is to support Nordic research and research infrastructure cooperation in the field of health science.  The programme focuses on four key areas: 1) Health and welfare in the Nordic countries, 2) Digital infrastructures in health services and research, 3) Nordic cooperation in collecting and storing biosamples (BBMRI Nordic), and 4) Research-driven innovation.

Nordic Marine Innovation is a Nordic research and innovation programme funded by Nordic Innovation and national competitive funds in the Nordic countries. The main objective is to enhance cooperation of Nordic companies in the fishing and fish farming industries.

Nordic Innovation: The Technology Development Fund cooperates with the Nordic Innovation in two projects; PP&I in Health: Public Procurement and Innovation in Health, which supports innovation and innovative solutions in the health sectore and Nordic Built, which supports the development of self-sustainable buildings.

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