Icelandic Research Fund

For whom?

Researchers, research groups and students in research-based postgraduate studies at Icelandic universities and research institutions and companies in Iceland.

For what?

The Icelandic Research Fund (IRF) funds defined research projects and research-based postgraduate studies in Iceland

Application deadline

June 14th, 2024 at 15:00.

Applications must be written in English.


The role of the IRF

The IRF is an open competitive research fund. The role of the IRF is to support research and research-based post-graduate studies. To that end, the fund supports students in research-based higher education and defined research projects that promote scientific research in Iceland.

The Fund operates under the Act on Public Support for Scientific Research No. 3 of 2003. The Fund's scope is determined by the annual budget. 


Principal Investigators (PIs) must have completed their graduate studies at an accredited university and have experience in running research projects. This stipulation does not apply to Doctoral student grants.

Grant types

The Fund awards grants in accordance with the general priorities of the Science and Innovation Policy Council and on the basis of a professional evaluation of the quality of the research projects, the competence of the persons carrying out the research and the resources at their disposal to execute the project.

Four types of grants are offered; Project Grants, Grants of Excellence, Postdoctoral Fellowship Grants and Doctoral Student Grants. Further information can be found in the IRF Handbook.  

Further information

Contact information

 For inquiries to the IRF, please email: rannsoknasjodur (hjá)

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