The Strategic Reasearch and Development Programme for Language Technology

Target group

Eligible applicants are research institutions and companies. Cooperation between institutions and companies are encouraged, please refer to the objectives of the programme.


The aim of the programme is to protect and support the Icelandic language, as well as facilitate the use of new information technologies in the Icelandic community, for the benefit of the public, institutions and companies.


Next deadline is 9 November 2018 at 16:00.


What are the objectives?

The Strategic Research and Development Programme for Language Technology (is. Markáætlun í tungu og tækni) is an open competitive research and development fund that operates according to the Act on Public Support for Scientific Research ( no. 3/2003 with later amendments ).

Who can apply?

Eligible applicants are universities, institutions and companies.


The SRDP-LT awards funding in accordance with the aims of the Programme and based on an expert assessment of the quality of projects, the reach of the project, the need for the deliverables of the project, the capability of the individuals carrying out the proposed research, and their ability to devote time and effort to the project. 

The Icelandic Centre for Research administeres the fund.

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