Greenland and Iceland enter a new research partnership


Greenland and Iceland reach a new strategic agreement to strengthen cooperation in research and education. 

Greenland Research Council and The Icelandic Centre for Research (Rannís) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) establishing a new partnership to support and increase opportunities for collaboration between the research communities of Greenland and Iceland.

The partnership will seek to create opportunities for closer cooperation and joint funding of activities and projects that promote scientific and educational cooperation. This can include mobility programmes and co-hosting of events such as workshops, seminars and networking events.

In connection with the Arctic Circle Assembly 2021, the two organizations initiated a series of meetings between Greenlandic and Icelandic scientists and institutions to discuss possibilities for increased engagement in research, innovation, and education.

Representatives from the neighboring research communities showed great interest in strengthening ties, especially in the areas of fisheries management and economics, geopolitics, gender studies, sustainable energy transition, climate studies and natural hazards research. Discussions also focused on the report “Greenland and Iceland in the new Arctic” and the strengthened bilateral relations between Greenland and Iceland, especially political and economic, in recent years.

To promote the development of future collaboration and to further map topics of common priority and interest, a joint workshop will be organized on 25-26 August 2022, as a pre-event of the Arctic Circle Greenland Forum. The workshop will also offer the possibility to explore available funding opportunities supporting collaborative projects and discuss Greenland and Iceland research priorities. Lastly, the workshop will be an excellent forum for networking. The workshop is co-organised with the Arctic Hub and the Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network.

Chair of the Greenland Research Council, Josephine Nymand says:

“It has been a pleasure discussing the many possibilities for increased engagement with our Icelandic partners. There is a genuine interest on both sides in seeking and supporting future collaborations around shared research interests and priorities. At the same time, in terms of research policy development and investment, Iceland is doing a lot that Greenland can learn from”.

Director of Rannís, Ágúst Hjörtur Ingþórsson:

“At the last Arctic Circle meeting in Reykjavík, we reached an important agreement to strengthen our links to the Greenland science and educational community. The partnership with Greenland is an important part of our Arctic strategy and cooperation and we look forward to realise various economic, scientific, innovative and educational opportunities in collaboration with our closest neighbour”.

MoU between Greenland Research Council and Rannís (pdf)

Call for Expression of interest for in-person participation at workshop in Greenland in August 2022


Egill Þór Níelsson, Senior Advisor, Rannís, tel. +354-515 5857, e-mail:

Maliina Jensen, Secretary, Greenland Research Council, tel. +299-222 090, e-mail:

Photo: Visit GRC and Rannís at Bessastaðir 12 Okt 2021

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