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Nordic countries in front seats in 2005-2006 report of World Economic Forum. Iceland is in 7th place,Sweden and Denmark in 3rd and 4th. Norway is in 9th place as the most competitive economy in the world. Finland sets record.


Iceland is in 7th place but Finland remains the most competitive economy in the world and tops the rankings for the third consecutive year in The Global Competitiveness Report 2005-2006, released by the World Economic Forum. The US is in second position, followed by Sweden, Denmark, Taiwan and Singapore, respectively. "The Nordic countries share a number of characteristics that make them extremely competitive, such as very healthy macroeconomic environments and public institutions that are highly transparent and efficient," said Augusto Lopez-Claros, Chief Economist and Director of the Forum's Global Competitiveness Programme

Ranking 2005- 2006

1. Finland
2. USA
3. Sweden
4. Denmark
5. Taiwan
6. Singapore
7. Iceland
8. Switzerland

13.United Kingdom
16. New Zealand

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