Published report Mapping Arctic Research in Iceland


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The report Mapping Arctic Research in Iceland has been published in cooperation between The Icelandic Centre for Research, Stefansson Arctic Institute and the Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network. 



In these uncertain times of warming climate, the Arctic Region is becoming even more important for the global community. The ice cover of the Arctic, the temperatures and currents in the Arctic Ocean have a huge impact on the climate and weather in the lower latitudes. Iceland is an integrated part of the Arctic region where approximately 4 million inhabitants live. For those living in the Arctic, research on the region is a priority in order to understand the changes which are occurring and what they might expect in the future.

The report seeks to provide an overview of the main actors having a role in Icelandic policy and coordination on Arctic research and international cooperation. Next it presents a profile of the main performers of Arctic research in Iceland, namely universities, research institutes, agencies, companies and infrastructures. This is followed by an analysis of those domestic and international competitive funds which are supporting Arctic research. Finally, the report describes selected international Arctic research projects with Icelandic participation and platforms that serve Arctic issues which are often relevant to Arctic research.

The project was carried out by Egill Þór Níelsson, Emil Ísleifur Sumarliðason, Santiago Villalobos, Sóley Ólafsdóttir and Þorsteinn Gunnarsson.

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