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The Arctic Science Summit Week 2020 will be held online from 27 March to 2 April 2020. Here you can find some useful information on the event and how to join different parts.

The #ASSW2020 online full Calendar, Meeting List, and Overview have been updated! The calendar and listings now include Zoom links to join all open meetings. In addition, more meeting agendas will be posted in the coming days, as soon as they are ready.

The updated Science for a Sustainable Arctic and Arctic Observing Summit programmes have been posted on the website – including pre-recorded welcoming remarks and AOS keynotes for you to watch at your convenience; more will be posted in the coming days.

Daily content e-mails will be sent to the ASSW2020 mailing list. Make sure to join here!

Code of Conduct

ASSW2020 might be an online meeting – but any meeting still needs a set of shared intentions and expectations. Please take a minute to view this short video and review the full Code of Conduct.

Arctic Lands Acknowledgement

The circumpolar Arctic is the contemporary home to many different indigenous peoples. Wherever you may be participating in #ASSW2020, IASC honours and recognises the local knowledge of Arctic indigenous peoples and their ancestral and contemporary stewardship of their homelands. IASC invites all ASSW participants to do the same. IASC President Larry Hinzman included an Arctic Lands Acknowledgement in his welcoming remarks.

Registering for ASSW2020 Online

ASSW2020 is open to all those interested in Arctic science! The ASSW2020 organizers have decided to not charge a set amount for attending ASSW2020 online. There are suggested registration rates, but you can contribute as much or as little according to your interest and ability. 

Register for ASSW2020 Online

Important: If you already registered for the in-person ASSW2020 before it was moved to an online-only event, you're automatically included! You will automatically receive a partial refund of your original registration. However, if you want to use your refunded fee to cover somebody else's registration – just click here!

Facebook and Twitter updates & discussion: #ASSW2020

See you online!

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