Call for applications for grants for teaching Icelandic to foreigners


Rannís calls for applications for grants for teaching Icelandic to foreigners who are not part of general education at the primary or secondary school level. The amount of the fund is approved by Althingi in the budget for the year 2021. The application deadline is December 3, 2020, at 16:00.

Educators, companies and institutions that offer their employees organized instruction in Icelandic, and are on the company register, can apply for grants. Companies or institutions that are not accredited educators must enclose the application with a signed contract with an accredited educator in charge of instruction.

The aim of the grants is to give everyone who lives in this country and is registered with a legal domicile in the National Registry, an opportunity to acquire the necessary skills in Icelandic to be able to become active members of society in Iceland. Asylum seekers are, however, exempt from the requirement to register in the National Registry while their issues are being examined by the government.

Information about the fund is provided by Skúli Leifsson, SeniorAdviser .


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