Expert Panels

Expert Panel members are appointed by the Science Committee of the Icelandic Science and Technology Policy Council. Up to seven individuals with qualifications at associate professor level or higher, who have extensive experience of research, are appointed to each Expert Panel. At least two members of each Expert Panel shall be predominantly active professionally outside of Iceland.

For guidlines for expert panels and external experts, please consult the IRF Handbook .

IRF Expert Panels

Seven Expert Panels review the applications (see table below). Seven active scientists make up each Expert Panel, and they are selected for their expert knowledge in the relevant field. In the application form, the applicants select the Expert Panel in which they wish the application to be evaluated. IRF staff can move an application between Expert Panels if recommended by the chairs of the panels. See Section 4: Expert Panel guidelines, for additional information on the work of Expert Panel members.

Expert Panel Scientific category
Physical sciences and mathematics Physical sciences
Chemical sciences
Earth sciences
Engineering and technical sciences Engineering
Computer sciences
Technical sciences
Natural and environmental sciences Biological sciences
Other natural sciences (except earth sciences)
Biomedical sciences Basic medicine
Basic veterinary medicine
Molecular- and cell biological sciences
Clinical sciences and public health

Public health
Health sciences
Other medical sciences

Social sciences and educational sciences Social sciences (sociology, political science, anthropology, ethnography, economics and business, psychology (other than clinical and physiological), human geography, tourism studies)
Educational sciences
Humanities and arts

Philosophy, ethics, and religion
Arts (visual art, art history, performing arts, music) and design
Languages and literature
History and archaeology
Other humanities

Questions regarding individual Expert Panels and scientific categories shall be directed to the staff of the Icelandic Centre for Research. Applicants may under no circumstances be in contact with Expert Panel members during the review process.

IRF Expert Panel members

Physical sciences and mathematics
Gunnar Stefánsson, chair
University of Iceland
Biplab SanyalUppsala University
Kari StrandUniversity of Oulu
Ruth Webster
University of Cambridge
Nicholas Westwood University of St Andrews
Abigail Barker Uppsala University
Sadegh KochfarUniversity of Edinburgh
Engineering and technical sciences
Rúnar Unnþórsson, chair
University of Iceland
Regina Hebig
Univ of Gothenburg, Chamlers
Felix AlbuValahia Univ of Targoviste
Paolo Gargiulo Reykjavik University
Harald KoestlerFriedrich-Alexander-Universität
Vikram Pakrashi University College Dublin
Jeroen Arendsen Stichting Sherpa Expertiscentrum
Natural and environmental sciences
Starri Heiðmarsson, chair
NW-Iceland Nature Research Center
Asuncion Rios Murillo
Museo Nzcional de Ciencias Naturales
Gunilla Rosenqvist
Uppsala University
Ralph TiedemannUniversität Potsdam
Martin Genner University of Bristol
Carmen Galan University of Cordoba
John Griffin  University of Swansea
Biomedical sciences
Anne Ephrussi, chair
Albert Vernon Smith
University of Michigan
Anders Woetman Andersen
University of Copenhagen
Bogi Andersen
UC Irvine
Martin Bushell University of Glasgow
David Jackson
University of Oxford
Suparna Sanyal
Uppsala University
Clinical sciences and public health
Álfgeir L. Kristjánsson, chair
West Virginia University
Ingunn Björnsdóttir University of Oslo
Josef Kautzner IKEM
Mari KangasniemiUniversity of Turku
Maren Kristine Raknes NTNU
Peymane Adab
University of Birmingham
Lorraine Harper University of Birmingham
Social sciences and educational sciences
Helga Hallgrímsdóttir, chair
University of Victoria
Naomi Ekas Texas Christian University
Anna Ólafsdóttir University of Akureyri
Gylfi Magnússon University of Iceland
Sveinn Eggertsson
University of Iceland
Annalisa Savaresi University of Eastern Finland
Battista Severgnini Copenhagen Business School
Humanities and arts
Stephanie Gropper, chair
University of Tuebingen
Paul Tenngart Lund University
Synne Behrndt Stockholm University of the Arts
Marcos Martinón-Torres University of Cambridge
Þorsteinn Indriðason
University of Bergen
Antje Gimmler
Aalborg Universitet
Hans Jacob Orning
University of Oslo

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