Frequently asked questions


Can supervisors turn in many applications?


Can I apply without a supervisor?

No, a supervisor must be specified in the application

Can the same person be a student and a supervisor?


Is it possible to apply without having a specified student?

Yes, a significant number of applications do not have a specified student

How do supervisors find stundents?

Advertising on the web media is the most common, but you can also talk to student associations, teachers, to name a few.

Can students apply if they graduate this spring?


How to apply and what is asked for?

An application can be created to see what needs to be answered and what basic information needs to be available, without intending to submit an application.

What attachments need to be attached?

No attachments are allowed.

Can more than one professional council evaluate an application?

An application is evaluated by a single professional council, applicants choose the professional council it wants to read the application

Can I share an application with other parties?

It is not possible to share an application between parties, but the person who creates the application can paste information for other parties involved in the application.

Can more than one student register in the application?

You can apply for multiple students, once you have filled in information for one student and saved, you can add information for the next one and so on.

Can more than one supervisor be registered in an application?

Supervisors may be more than one, but the supervisory ratio should be a total of 100%. Once you have filled in information for one supervisor and saved, you can enter information for the next one and so on.

Can PhD students be supervisors?

No they cannot

Do supervisors get paid?

No, only students get paid.

Can an application be in English?

Application can be in Icelandic or English.

Who can submit an application?

Anyone can submit an application, to name a few: Supervisors, companies, institutions, students, self-employed

*Students need to be on an upper-level education

Can Icelandic students at a foreign university apply?

Yes, students with an Icelandic ID number who are registered at a foreign university may apply.

Can foreign students to studying at an Icelandic university apply?

Yes, foreign students with an Icelandic ID number may apply.

What are keywords?

Keywords are relevant words to the subject of the application.

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