How to apply

Instructions for Applicants

Eligibility for grants

  • The project must be in research and/or development.
  • The project cannot be a student's final thesis.
  • Undergraduate and master's students can apply for a grant irrespective of their university's country. Students must have a supervisor specified to apply for a grant.
  • Specialists in universities or research institutes who want to hire a university student can apply. Supervisors can apply without specifying a student.
  • The maximum number of months each student applied for can get is 3 man-months. The fund provides 340,000kr per month for each student. There is no maximum number of students or supervisors per project.
  • 80% of the grant is paid out when the contract is signed and 20% when a final technical report and research paper/final paper is submitted. The grants are only paid to the accounts of Icelandic universities, institutions and companies, and to students with an Icelandic ID (kennitala).
  • Students who get paid straight to their own bank accounts don't need to turn in a taxcard, since the current tax year isn't settled until next year.

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